$1.80 Strategy

  • The name comes from leaving your "Two Cents" 90 times per day
  • It’s designed to put the “Social” back in Social Media
  • 100% personalized targeted outreach in the form of 90 comments Monday-Friday
  • Have a trusted professional growth director communicate for you
  • Perfect for brands wanting to collaborate with Influencers, gain quality leads, and reflect a professional brand
  • The SAFEST way to accelerate the growth of your Instagram reach
  • Completely within Instagram terms of service!
  • Equivalent to hiring a social media manager to comment on your behalf!
  • The “Dream 25” is a list of 25 accounts that perfectly fit your target market and who are active on Instagram
  • You can choose the accounts to add to this list or we can find them for you!
  • We will comment on every post of these accounts, ensuring you get on their radar. This turns the Dream 25 list into Warm Leads
  • Every few weeks we can create a new Dream 25 list for you and help you develop a DM strategy for the Warm Leads that have been created
  • Instagram rewards accounts who use IG for its intended purpose: genuine engagement
  • 90 comments per weekday is 450 comments a week, 1800 comments a month, and 21,600 comments a year. The people who see these comments are exponentially more!
  • We encourage you to try this yourself for just 3 days in a row! We guarantee this will help you see the ROI in terms of notifications and DM’s!

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