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Helping Your Leads Become Customers Through Effective Marketing

These days, when anyone says marketing, you might automatically think about digital marketing. However, if you really want to convert your leads into sales, then it’s important that you remember to think about your offline strategies as well. You need to combine both online and offline marketing techniques in order to make your leads become customers.


Online networking and offline networking have many differences but they also share some similarities. For one thing, they are both about connecting with people. It’s important that you connect with the relevant people on sites like LinkedIn, but it’s equally important that you attend events for your industry. You should have business cards to hand out at events, but you should use the same design on your social media accounts. You can use a tool like to design an on-brand card that you can print and use for your online presence as well. 

Make Social Media More Social

If used effectively, social media can be a major source of valuable leads. However, you can use it to nurture your potential customers. A good way to do this would be to create a private Facebook group, and use it to give them information on promotions, new products, or any events you have coming up. You may even use the group to offer exclusive deals to these leads. 


You can use other social media platforms in a similar way. Choose which social media platforms suit your business, and which platforms your target markets are using. Use these to create exclusive groups. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can help you find new, high-value leads. Facebook Lead Ads, in particular, can be extremely effective. It allows Facebook users to submit their information to your marketing campaign without leaving Facebook. You should also run ad campaigns on your other social media profiles as well. 


A customer relationship management tool could be one of the best tricks in your marketing bag. They can help you run targeted email campaigns depending on where in the sales funnel your leads are. You should also remember that not all leads will respond to emails, so use your CRM to run SMS campaigns for leads that are more likely to respond to text messages. Text and email campaigns can be automated, but automation should be abandoned when the lead responds. If a lead requests a consultation, you or an employee should contact them in person to discuss their needs. Talking to an actual person at this stage will make your potential customer feel more nurtured and increase the chances of them converting. 

Optimize Your Content

You should use your content to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Consistent, high-quality, engaging posts should be a key part of any social media marketing plan. However, it’s equally important that your content is optimized for search engines. Research has found that the most valuable leads come from organic search.

Local Optimization Is Important

Optimizing your website for local SEO is really important as well. A survey found that 72% of searchers would visit a business within five miles of their location. This means that your local community is a valuable market of leads. Make sure that your business name, contact information, and address is listed on sites like Yelp and Google. You should make sure that this information matches the information on your website, and social media profiles. Ask your existing customers to leave reviews on a review platform. Ensure that your website title tags reference your local area. A few weeks after making these changes, you can check where your website ranks in your local area.

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