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Tips for Building a Profitable Online Business on a Shoestring Budget

Starting an online business is a great route for new entrepreneurs. It’s the most cost and time efficient way to get your product out there. The lower your initial investments are, the quicker you’ll start seeing profits.

Just as there are costs you can’t avoid as you build your online shop, there are also several money saving tricks. If your budget is looking a little sad, the idea of saving money might be music to your ears. Just because you’re on a shoestring budget doesn’t mean you can’t build a profitable, successful online store.

The trick is in making your available resources like time and money go as far as possible. If you don’t mind “pulling yourself up from the bootstraps”, as the quote goes, you can cut costs dramatically. Know your resources and work efficiently.

Here are some money saving tricks for building your online business:

Be Efficient With Graphic Design

Sure, graphic design is essential for building your brand and marketing. But should it cost an arm and a leg? No! This is one of those projects that you can easily get done on a shoestring budget. Digital marketing agencies like Social Revelation Marketing have plan options that almost anyone can afford.

But in case you are a startup with limited funds, we have compiled a list of resources, just for you to meet a minimal budget! Free and easy to use tools for every project you have that requires design. Even though these tools are both cost and user friendly, the quality isn’t compromised. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to create gorgeous, branded designs for your online store. - Here is a tool for- you guessed it- your logo. No sign in required. Just upload your favorite icon, choose color and design, and you’ll have a professional logo finished in minutes. Need an icon for your logo? Then check out- - For access to free artist-designed vector art. - Here is a straight-forward tool for designing visually appealing social media posts for your business. - This is a full-featured tool for creating designs for everything- your website, social media posts, and other promotional projects.

When you are ready to have your graphic design work handled by a professional, Social Revelation is always here to help!

Use Free Website Hosting

The costs for setting up your website can add up quickly. Especially if you hire a web developer to do it for you. And on top of that there are the costs for your domain, web hosting, security measures, and so on.

You can take the number on that price tag down to zero if you use a website building tool that offers free hosting. Sound good? Then head to to get started. This software offers design features to build your online store with ease. There are no hidden fees. You’re provided with secure web hosting and a choice from their free domain names.

Be Wise, Strategize

Analysis and optimization are always going to be front and center in keeping business running successfully. Using SEO and social media analytics can help you avoid the guessing game so you can do business efficiently.

Tools used for building a better marketing strategy are sometimes also very expensive. But as you may have guessed, I have some more free resources for you! Step up your marketing game with these free tools: - This is a quick, easy way to do your keyword research. When you search a keyword or keyphrase, the SEO plugin tells you it’s search rate, cost per click, and search difficulty. - A multi-functional, social media management tool. With Hootsuite, you can easily create posts, engage, and manage your social media accounts in one place. You’ll also get a close look at the analytics side- how much interaction there is with your posts, how successful they are, how far their reach extends. Free for up to 3 social accounts.

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